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Welcome to the website of the Samil Foundation.

Kim Kee Young
Board of Directors,
the Samil Foundation

The Samil Foundation was officially established in 1966 by two nationally distinguished industrial pioneers, the late Mr. Lee Jeong-lim and Mr. Lee Jeong-ho as the very first non-profit private organization in Korea. The prime mission of the foundation was to nurture the outstanding academic, artistic, and industrial leaders who would help rebuild the nation from the ashes of the Korean War (1950-1953) and promote the education of generations to come. Vision of the foundation was originally shaped by the spirit of the March 1st (Samil) Movement in 1919 – one of the most remarkable public resistance against Japan for national independence during the 36-year Japanese colonial era – and the foundation was named after the Samil Movement.

The first awarding ceremony of the Samil Prize was held on March 1st, 1960, the 40th anniversary of the Samil Movement. Six years later, the Samil Foundation was officially inaugurated. As Korea’s first academic and cultural foundation, this year marks the 65th anniversary of the annual Awards. We have cultivated as many as about 300 outstanding experts in the natural sciences, humanities and social sciences, arts, and technology by recognizing their talent through the Samil Prize.

The foundation has also awarded the Special Prize to the individuals and organizations that helped promote the spirit of the March 1st Movement when deemed appropriate and has financially subsidized many social welfare projects. Furthermore, the foundation has run a scholarship program, which has been recognized in Korea as a pioneering project to support education for young students since 1961. Over the past six decades since the inception of the Foundation, the number of beneficiaries of our scholarship has totaled over 12,000.

I am sure that these talented individuals and organizations awarded and supported by the Samil Foundation have enormously contributed to the advancement of the nation in different fields and sectors under the foundation’s long term vision.

The Samil Foundation is very much grateful for the Korea Petrochemical Ind. Co., Ltd. (Chairman, Lee Soon Kyu) and others who have supported the Samil Foundation.

Your continued interest and encouragement are much appreciated.